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Thranduil's wife's name is Êlúrielle. She was given the name Nenluin by Thranduil because her eyes reminded him of water and he mentioned he "drowns in them".

She was only mentioned by Gandalf and Legolas, once each, in their journey to return the ring. Thranduil never spoke of her due to the immense pain he bore from her loss. Legolas mentions she died in Angmar during a war. Did she? Her body was never recovered, else, Thranduil would have moved heaven and middle earth to resurrect her.

He will be surprised to say the least, but what will this bring to light for the Elven King......

Êlúrielle is the same, yet she is changed due to a powerful memory loss spell. Interestingly enough, it is Thranduil and Legolas as well as her home that she has no memory of. She can recall some of her youth, but not enough of it is clear. 

Where has she been all this time?
She was living in a well-crafted illusion of a small castle that was her home. She was doing well, and remotely happy until it all melted away. 

When Mordor began to fall, so did the illusion. 


When Sauron's focus was on his enemies, the illusion of her home began to waver and flicker, badly enough that those close to her warned her that they should leave, that something was wrong. They thought it was due to earthquakes and feared for their lives. As the skies grew dark, she and those close to her, ventured out to find a safe town, and to figure out exactly what was happening. They headed to the city of Dale.

Fortunately, she was surrounded by great people, who helped her and many others to safety. News traveled throughout Middle Earth that Sauron of Mordor had been defeated. As she listened to the tales of the battle, she began to realize that something was amiss as to where she had been "living"‌ in Mordor. A frightening thought and a curious one... why was she there?

Despite it all, she needed to find a new

Soon she will be traveling to find a new
home, and to find out who she is or was.
Her past is murky at best and headaches
have been plaquing her since she left
Mordor. She has two companions that
are traveling with her along with each
one's horse. Êlúrielle rides a pale white
elk. Not as massive as the one Thranduil
was riding, much smaller, but quite the
coincidence, hm? :)

Êlúrielle is a powerful empathic healer.
She loves healing others but sometimes
if the injury or sickness was extremely
bad it would make her unwell for a few
hours or even a few days. She is quite
adept with a bow but prefers to talk
thru issues with others. She also has the
ability to mentally communicate with
animals, endearing so many of them to
her. Currently, on her travels, she saves
a snow owl and he will become her pet.


EMPATHIC HEALER: People with empath powers have the natural ability to approach universal energy and be able to heal others, tending to gravitate to jobs that are related to holistic therapies or energy work. Their sensitivity allows them to feel the emotions of others, influence their bodies and minds, and generate harmony within them.


She is a very kind, charming, beautiful Elven lady who tends to seethe good in life and loves to make others smile. Her attire is that of a Elven princess: expensive, flowing and showing her beautiful curves. She has the deepest bright blue eyes which are accented by her long white locks.



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