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Elurielle's Journal

Entry: 23 March T.A. 3019 (2 days before Sauron was defeated)

Something major is amiss! Things about are fading, some are transparent, some disappear altogether! We must leave, all is not what it seems or some sort of evil magic is upon us!

I sent word to all that live here to take what they can and leave at once! A horrible magic is upon us and evil forces are behind it! I am not sure if this is connected to the numerous battles and wars that are plaquing Middle Earth, but we must seek refuge outside of our home.

Entry: 24 March T.A. 3019 (1 day before Sauron was defeated)
Today we leave. The weather is cold and snow covers the ground, but spring should be in our future as we travel. I hope sooner than later.

My two best friends, I should call them family, are traveling with me for I am not well enough to travel alone, nor is it safe. These headaches are very difficult, if only I could heal myself. Wynter my elk, both pet & mount, helps me with some healing, she is amazing and I am quite fond of her. She came to me one evening as I was strolling near the edge of our land. I was able to speak to her and we soon became friends.

My companions also know about this yearning of mine to find out my past. It is stronger than ever. I feel in my heart that something significant is missing that I must uncover. There is darkness in my mind that appears when those images try to appear to me, this is so unexplainable and that is when the headaches happen. Odd, but perhaps I will find someone who can help.

Entry: 25 March T.A. 3019 (the day Sauron was defeated)

Massive destruction. The land behind and way beyond our home was on fire, the dark tower had fallen, an energy swept the land, causing chaos, harming, impacting everything in its path. 

I saw a snow owl fall from the sky near us, I ran to it, speaking to it in my mind, so it would not attack me as I attempted to help it. There was no answer, the beautiful creature had perished. I picked it up, cradling it in my arms, closed my eyes and poured the gift of healing that I had into this sweet little snow owl. I petted it, spoke to it, willing life back into it... then it happened, she opened her eyes. Her spirit had returned!! I was elated, spoke to her, she understood and tried to answer but could only nod. She stayed at camp with us, we fed her to help her regain her strength. Soon, she spoke to me in my mind, and wanted to stay with us. I called her Spirit, and she now travels with us. I have come to love her, she is such a beautiful, caring spirit. 

As the tower in Mordor crumbled, we saw the home that we had known for hundreds of years crumble and vanish behind us. What is going on? Now I wonder if the darkness in my mind is linked to the vanishing of our home. But my two companions do not have the same darkness in their mind, so perhaps not. Since we are leaving Mordor, my fear is that Sauron might have been the cause but why such an elaborate illusion and deception? So many questions.

Entry: 29 March T.A. 3019 (4 days after Sauron was defeated)

Traveling was challenging, we stopped many times, but our mounts endured the cold weather then were even more speedy once the snow melted away and it became warmer. Spirit would go ahead, scouting our path for dangers and obstacles, what a blessing she had become. We had seen something phenomenal, extremely over large eagles flying above heading toward Mordor. What a sight, but why would they exist and why are they flying toward the fiery lands of corruption and evil? I closed my eyes and prayed for their safety and success. 

Entry: 12 April T.A. 3019 (15 days after Sauron was defeated)

As we travelled, we headed into the borders of Mirkwood, but we ran into trouble. Seems there was already some ambushing going on, because we came across a male elf who was critically hurt, lying on the ground. Bandits were fighting other elves, my companions and I went into battle mode; After several arrows launched and found their targets, I saw that Galadhorn and Estelwen, my companions, had it under control, I kneeled down to heal the male elf. As I worked on healing him, I gazed at him, never seeing someone like him, perhaps that is why I am feeling such a... bond with him? I felt my body draining, I would have to move fast once done to keep safe, & help my companions finish their fights. The handsome blonde elf was far worse than I'd thought, he had passed on, it took almost every ounce of my strength to bring him back. Once I was done, she made sure his wounds were healed. He would be slow to wake, weak and groggy, so I left.... quickly. He was going to be alright; she was so glad of this. She was gone in an instant.

Entry: 17 May T.A. 3019 (46 days after Sauron was defeated)
We traveled for almost 50 days. I am so glad that my friends were with me. I do not know that I could have traversed this alone. As we traveled, we came upon others from our home, welcoming them to travel along with us. Some had become weak and sick; I was able to heal them from their sickness and we fed as many as possible. Gathering food was not as difficult had it been snowing and Spirit and Wynter were a huge help in this task as well. 

Finally, a small town was up ahead, we had traveled so very far. I hope it is intact and all are safe. We are all exhausted. There must be 30 or more of us that travel together. We still do not understand what has happened, but most think it was some diabolical scheme of the evil Sauron. 

Arrived. Refuge. Rest. Relief. Safety. Food! Drink!
I believe this town is called Dale, It was once known as Lake Town, but we soon learned of the attack of the dragon, Smaug. The town was being rebuilt and they were quite far along. They were celebrating the destruction of Sauron. What a sight! The weather was warmer now, no snow, and that was a relief. We looked for an inn.

Entry: 18 May T.A. 3019 (47 days after Sauron was defeated)
The town was still rebuilding after the dragon attack, but it was pretty far along, and the people were celebrating. Smaug, the powerful red dragon, was no longer a threat and Sauron, the evil dark lord had diminished. Drinking, dancing to music, and parties were abounding in the evenings, during the day, there was music, whistling and songs of tales of the Lord of the Rings being gone back to the darkness. 

There was something a bit odd about this town, and I was not aware until Galadhorn mentioned that it was a town made up of only men. No Dwarves, no Elves, only men. We moved cautiously and kept to ourselves and only went to the tavern below the inn for food. We stuck out, heard whispers when in the tavern about pointy ears and got plenty of undesirable stares, I was not used to such treatment, nor do I wish to endure it.

Galadhorn suggested we move out as soon as possible, which is exactly what we did. The next morning we headed toward the forest of Mirkwood. A land of Elves, which we knew we would or should be accepted. Although, it had been soured by darkness by Lord Sauron, we could only home his curse had been lifted.

The tales being told was a young halfling, or hobbit, was the true hero, I believe his name to be Baggins. I know of a Bilbo Baggins, and I believe that is his kin, someone said, nephew. What a shocking story, that someone who never ventured beyond their own small, quiet, peaceful land would task. I should like to meet him some day. The tales were of nine in a fellowship that all worked together and risked their lives to save all of Middle Earth. I am sure tales, stories and books shall be made of this remarkable feat.

Entry: 19 May T.A. 3019 (47 days after Sauron was defeated)
A ruckus woke me in the early morning, men or a mob were outside the back of the inn making noise, clearly drunk and disorderly. It frightened me, for I did  not want us to become the target of their aggressions. Galadhorn suggested we head out immediately, in the hopes of getting out of town swiftly and unseen. Such a great companion he was, I am so very grateful to him and to Estelwen, she was wonderful and very helpful to me when the headaches struck me. I worry that my time here in Middle Earth is limited. The headaches seem to be growing as we venture into the forest of Mirkwood.

Entry: 20 May T.A. 3019 (48 days after Sauron was defeated)
In the night, close to morning, Spirit, my snow owl, saw the Elven prince, but did not alarm us because she knew he was honorable and safe to us. I shall have a long talk with her soon. She should alert us to "anyone" approaching. Be it that, the young Elven Prince was most gracious once he realized, who were are and where we are headed. In fact, he was the one that I had resurrected, it left me unwell and exhausted for a while, but thanks to my elk, my plight was short lived. I mentioned to Galadhorn and Estelwen that he was the young Elf that I had healed, upon hearing this, Lord Legolas, offered us to come to the Woodland Realm for lodging and to meet his father... the King. Wow... 

Entry: 21 May T.A. 3019 (49 days after Sauron was defeated)

Galadhorn was worried about his father and left to go check on him, I had suggested that Estelwen also go with him or go see her family that I would be fine here at Legolas' home. Afterall, he wanted to introduce me to the King! I am a bit nervous to meet him, while I know he is a great king, I have heard that he does not mess around, if something is amiss, he handles it and he is extremely smart. I hope to make a good impression. I must pull out my nice dress to meet him in. I hope it looks ok after the long trek we just had.

Entry: 22 May T.A. 3019 (50 days after Sauron was defeated)

Meeting the King of the Woodland Realm, did not go so well. Glad I had my cloak on, which as the "Bag of Holding" pockets, which contains a few of my things, mostly this journal, and a few things I shall not utter here in case my journal falls into the wrong hands. Not sure why the man who gave this to me did so, but I am ever grateful just now. Only I can access it, and I do so sparingly. 

Even now, my tears stain the parchment, I do not understand what happened, and the darkness on my mind pains me to even try. It is soon to be my demise, but the young elf called me Mother! The King accused me of dark sorcery... Oh..  a twinge of pain in my mind now, I shall not be able to pen this into my journal. However, the King has put me in a dungeon cell!! I have never experienced this before, it is horrible, scary and well.. dirty. My pets are worried and going crazy, but I have told them in my mind to be calm. I do not want them injured. Things are so bad just now, I miss Galadhorn and Estelwen. I wish they were here; I wish they could help me. However, I would not want them to experience this same fate. I am weary and cannot stop crying. I need to lie down. More later if I am able. Going to lie down now.

Entry: 23 May T.A. 3019 (51 days after Sauron was defeated)

Legolas had come to talk to me but only for a short while. His questions created such agonizing pain, and I was unable to answer him. Oh... It hurts, I cannot pen this... wife? mother? I would have thought them mad, but the king seemed shockingly sure of who he thought I was. If so, why do I not know this?? I do not know him or .... my son??  I have heard the guards outside my door speaking in whispers wondering the same thing. I cannot even help myself in this situation. I should never have come here. This place has me haunted at its familiarity. I wish I could leave. What is the king going to do to me? He could very well leave me here to rot, or worse. Oh, dear, here come the tears again... I am done for now, more later perhaps after the tears subside and I have rested...

Entry: 24 May T.A. 3019 (52 days after Sauron was defeated)

I am in a dungeon cell??? What brought me to this?!! Closed off from the guards and all alone, what or who does this Elvenking believe me to be?? I am distraught that I am here, and I am distraught that I have struck fear or horror into the King of the Woodland Realm! If the rumors of him are true, I do not want to be on his bad side. He is a very, very powerful King with a short fuse. But... why did the prince not have the same reaction when he met me. Oh goodness, my head... the pain is starting again...


I am back to try to pen more.....

After distracting my thoughts to my pets, I now realize that there is something to this place that may be linked to my agonizing headaches. I need to rest. for I know I must have fainted for I do not recall being brought here.

Legolas came to see me. He wanted answers. Answers I could not give him. When pressed for me to know him or my father, the crippling headache started, my tears finally got him to stop. He told me that we would be traveling in the morning to Rivendell because the King was determined to know what dark magics were being displayed by you. Legolas was so very kind, but I could tell he was torn between what he wanted and what his father was fearing. His father would not let anyone threaten the safety of his son or his kingdom.

I look forward to Rivendell. I know Lord Elrond and hope Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel might be there as well. Perhaps answers, and maybe a cure, although if dark magics are at work, I fear they will not be able to negate it. I do not want my last days to be causing King Thranduil such distress. Time to lie down and rest for the coming journey on the morn.


The male elf that she resurrected.

Mirkwood Halls of Thranduil.jpg

The Halls of the Elven King, the Halls of the Wood Elves King Thranduil can be found in Felegoth, in Eryn Lasgalen.
The Halls are mainly underground, the cavernous expanses are filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Yet unlike Dwarven delves, this area is brightly illuminated and has gardens and areas of natural beauty. The keen explorer will also find the dungeon cells where Thorin and his companions were held.

Mirkwood Gates to Thranduil-Felegoth_edi

Dressed to

meet the King

of the
Realm. Her


cloak was

worn over

this, she lowered the hood of the cloak and lifted her head, stating her name in greeting to the king....

It did not

go well.

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