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Ayda Usha Majere

Ayda Usha Majere

Adept Healer & Cleric of Sarenrae  |  She Loves to Help Others, Especially Animals!
Sarenrae is the God of Sunshine, Healing, Fire & Travel

Ayda is an altruistic Elven female who is adept at healing. She is known as the Sunshine Sorceress, because she brings a light with her that shines from within. That light is goodness and the natural ability to heal. She also knows a few wizard spells, a few very strong ones but only to help her hide from her father and survive attacks. 

Her father is Raistlin Majere, Master of Past and Present. Rarely has someone not heard his name, for the name, Raistlin Majere, can instill fear in the hearts of the strongest of warriors... men, elven, or dwarven..

He is a dark powerful mage, who wants her to follow in his footsteps. He's very controlling & demands that she do as he says. She does not want to harm others, she wants to help them. She infuriated him when she told him:

"Father, I want to help others not rule them!"

She studied spells of protection and travel, so she could leave undetected by her father. Spells that would hide her from him, and other spells that could teleport her to a far away location. She tested these spells, and once they worked and her father was unable to locate her, she used them to leave.

She knows he will use magic & his men to find her, so she must keep a spell of hiding upon her at all times, which can be quite taxing on her. She needs to have a magic ring created with this spell, so she is slowly gathering the components.

Ayda has a strong connection to her pet,

Silva, a beautiful white and silver wolf. 

She has had him since she was a young

elf. Her mother gave him to her when 

she was a very young Elven maiden.

Her mother disappeared soon after that.

Her father will not speak of her mother,

so she does not know if she was killed or

if she is still alive.

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Logs of Her Adventures Are Below:

Ayda's Journal

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Roleplaying Logs

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